Castle Hedgehog

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Hedgehog Starter Kit

Bringing home a new hedgie can be very excting! Do you have everything you need? If not, we can help! We currently have the following "starter kit" available for sale.

  1. 105qt sterilite tote. (I recommend that your hedgie be placed in a larger enclosure when they are 6 months old.)
  2. Food bowl
  3. Water bowl OR bottle
  4. Castle Hedgehog Bucket Wheel with removable base OR mounting hardware for tote. (Additional options available)
  5. Plastic "house" OR Igloo
  6. Starter bag of our food mix
  7. Starter bag of Aspen bedding
  8. A toy or two for your new hedgie
  9. Small container of mealworms

The cost for the Starter Kit is $75, ($80 with additional options)

Pick Up Only. Shipping is not available.

Starter Kit

Hedgehog-Safe Bucket Wheels

If you are looking for a good, quiet and safe wheel for your hedgehog, we recommend using bucket wheels. Bucket wheels are quiet and very easy to clean! They have a large running surface to help insure your hedgehog will not fall off mid-run and get injured, and have no pesky center spoke.  These are not like some other bucket wheels that flex and warp. Rogue weighs over 425 grams and her wheel is still round! Bucket wheels have been the safest wheels for our hedgies!

All of our wheels come with a removable base OR mounting hardware for totes. (Additional options available)

Pick up only.
Bucket Wheel